Dear Visitor,

Below you will find a summary about the services of Cegléd City Library and some useful information on how to access all these services and how to sign up or register in our Library.


Cegléd City Library is a public education library. Its services – for individual or group visitors – may only be used with valid library card or visitor registration.



Upon registering, library users must provide their personal details at the librarian’s request. The authenticity of the data must be verified by means of an identity card or passport and an address card. Those who are entitled to a discount will be requested to present their proof of eligibility (e.g. student ID). During registration the Reader will receive a library card; it is personal and valid for one year.

The owner of the card is entitled to: the rights guaranteed to visitors, borrowing books from the open stacks of the library, using the reading room, the local history collection and the library services.

Upon arrival the library card must be handed over to the librarian at the lending desk.

50% discount is given to: students over 16 with a valid student card, pensioners under 70 and teachers.
Exempt from registration fee: anyone under 16 or over 70, library, archives and museum workers, people with disabilities.


Visitor registration

It is a one-time, free of charge personal registration. It does not entitle visitors to borrow books but they can use the library. It can be obtained at the registration desk; it is valid for one year and it is mandatory for all our visitors.

Its owner is entitled to visit the library, to use books from the open stacks on the premises of the library, and to use the Internet.


Foundation support

There is an opportunity to support our library through donations; therefore, the institution welcomes any financial contributions that can help achieve its professional goals. It will be transferred to the account of its library foundation (Foundation for the Cegléd City Library).




The library may lend certain items to its registered users. The loan period and the number of documents that can be borrowed at the same time vary by document types.

Loan Periods

  • Books: 4 weeks
  • Journals: 3 days
  • Audio books (CD): 3days
  • Records (vinyl): 4 weeks


The deadline to return books can be extended up to two times, which can be done personally, by e-mail, by telephone or on the library’s website. The deadline may only be extended if no reservation has been made for the given documents. The library charges late fees on items that are returned after the loan period has expired.


Lost documents

If the reader has lost or damaged the borrowed items, he/she must pay the damages. The method of compensation is detailed in the Library’s Terms of Use.


Interlibrary loans

Our library is a member of the National Document Delivery Service (ODR). For our readers, we can obtain items that are missing from our stock by interlibrary loan in compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the service providing library (use on premises, deadlines). With the National Document Delivery Service, interlibrary loan service is relatively fast. Its fees: postage and if the service providing library, for a particular reason, requires payment that extra amount. Upon using interlibrary service, please also return borrowed items within the loan period.


Photocopying, printing, Internet use

The library may make photocopies of documents for its users if it does not infringe copyrights. The library charges for the photocopying service. There are 5 computers available for public Internet use.


Online services

Our library is also available for its users outside opening hours via the following website:



You can search the library stock in the catalogue menu. (Using the search engine does not require registration.)

After registration, - among others- the following information will be displayed:

  • personal details
  • current and previous rentals
  • reservations, bookings

Renewal: you can see the date of return in the current rentals menu. If you wish to keep the book you borrowed for a longer time, you can extend the deadline twice.

It is important to note that once the deadline has expired (the date is red) renewal can no longer be requested.


Foreign language books

In addition to language books and dictionaries for language learning, foreign language literature is also available in our stock. Besides English-language titles, German, French, Russian, Dutch and Italian literary works are available as well.



In our journal reader, there are newspapers and more than 175 journals waiting for the visitors. After free registration, anyone can read our periodicals, and our registered readers can borrow them.



Our library also provides multimedia documents that include classical and pop music vinyl albums, CDs and DVDs.


Local History Collection

We collect and keep all documents related to the city of Cegléd in the local history section.  The purpose of the collection is to help local history research projects, assist in the preparation of theses and to support local political, social and economic activities.

Our collection consists of books, periodicals (old newspapers from Cegléd: 1878-1956) and other documents (protocols, theses, posters, invitations, postcards, CDs, DVDs and microfilms).

Local newspapers from 1957-present –Ceglédi Hírmondó, Ceglédi Kék Újság, Ceglédi Panoráma, Pest Megyei Hírlap- are kept in bound form in the collection.

In the collection we keep 29 antique books and journals that had been published before 1850.

The local history collection can only be used on the premises and it is only for our registered readers.



Type of Service


SZJ Number

Registration fee (active worker)


Registration fee (teacher, student, pensioner under 70)

HUF 600

Registration fee (under 16, over 70, public collection staff, local public education staff, people with disabilities)


Advanced level I. registration fee

HUF 1.800

Advanced level II. registration fee

HUF 3.000

Interlibrary loan

HUF 100 + postage


HUF 120

Photocopying A/4/page for library members

Photocopying A/4/page (double-sided) for library members

HUF 15

HUF 25



Photocopying A/3/page for library members

Photocopying A/3/page (double-sided) for library members

HUF 30

HUF 50



Photocopying A/4/page for visitors

Photocopying A/4/page (double-sided) for visitors

HUF 20

HUF 35



Photocopying A/3/page for visitors

Photocopying A/3/page (double-sided) for visitors

HUF 40

HUF 70



Internet use / hour for library members

HUF 300


Internet use / hour for visitors

HUF 480


Printing: black and white/page for library members

HUF 30


Printing: black and white/page for visitors

HUF 50


Printing: coloured (typed text) /page for library members

HUF 45


Printing: coloured (typed text) /page for visitors

HUF 65


Printing: coloured (image A/4) for library members

HUF 200


Printing: coloured (image A/4) for visitors

HUF 250


Scanning for library members

HUF 100


Scanning for visitors

HUF 120


DVD rental/piece

HUF 240


CD (music) rental/piece

HUF 240